Promate FM10+ transmitter FM
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Multi-Purpose Car FM Transmitter
Patent fashionable design with unique multi-position remote controller
User friendly interface and clear LCD screen for complete information.
Support USB, SD/MMC, line in and line out functions.
Reads all compression of MP3 and WMA files
High strength full channel selection within 87.7 ~ 108.0 MHz
Select song, channels, folders and EQ mode with steering wheel remote control
Universal useable steering remote control for left hand and right hand drive vehicles
Multi Channel EQ with Live, Rock, Classic, Normal, POP
Selectable play mode with All, single file, random files, Single folder and all folder modes
Transmission range: 10 meter
FM Channel Range: 87.7~108.0 MHz
Audio Separation: >/40DB
Distortion level: 0.3%
Frequency response: 35 Hz~20 KHz
Interface Support: USB, SD/MMC, Line in and Line out
Input: USB, SD/MMC and Line in
Output: 2.483GHz FM and Line out
Audio input/output interface: 2.5mm Stereo
Power requirement: 12VDC~24VDC (lighter socket)

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